недеља, 25. децембар 2011.

2012 Mission!

Soon and this horrible 2011 will be over! For me this was one of the worst and hardest years so far, and I honestly hope that there I won’t have to go through similar year for a long time.
For 2012 I have big plans and dreams, and I have to make them come true without any excuses. This is my top 10 list of missions I’ll have to complete, cause although I love to enjoy myself, sometimes you have to do something to get what you want:

уторак, 20. децембар 2011.

Evolution of style- Cheryl Cole

Nobody is perfect, and there is no question about it. Even celebrities can tell you that. One of my favourite examples of this theory is Cheryl Cole, who is still mostly unknown in Serbia.
See how much Cheryl changed since 2002, and her first appearance in reality show “Popstars- the rivals” 

уторак, 13. децембар 2011.

Beauty will save the World

I got an inspiration for this surprisingly easy, and while I’m writing this I feel very happy cause for the first time in my life I’m not thinking too much about what am I going to write. There are two reasons why am I writing about this today:

1. It is personal. Although I’m not pretty (partly it is my fault, but I’m not going to talk about it) I really love everything that is beautiful. I love everything nice and perfect, and I’m not one of those people who are jealous of pretty people. Of course that I want to be pretty but if I can’t change me why to be jealous of people who can?
2. So many list in news paper, and magazines! Sexiest woman, hottest guy -.-

Shouldn't there be someone whose beauty can trap anyone and whose beauty will stay for years, and who won’t be just winter trend. People don’t like the same things, but if someone is beautiful it means for everyone and not only one person, and there is not a lot of people like that.

среда, 07. децембар 2011.

Living on my own and waiting for somebody to love

I feel like I can just literally copy and paste lyrics from song Living on my own to describe how I feel for a long time. My head is always in the clouds and I think that really no one can understand why I feel like this. And now add that ‘horrible’ Somebody to love feeling and you’ll get how I feel for a week or two.  Ironically my horoscope told me that this will be all about feelings, so I guess they got it right this time!  Anyway I hope that this ‘feelings’ will go away and I’ll have something else to write about, cause it is annoying to feel like I’m in love, when I’m not in love, I really can’t explain xD

I really haven’t had a lot of interesting moments this week and school is killing my creativity, but Milica made me happy yesterday with this Freddie Mercury drawing. Don’t they look a like? :D

Eat cakes,

Osecam se kao da mogu bukvalo da samo napisem reci pesme “Living on my own” (Zivim po svom) kako bih opisala kako se vec duze vreme osecam. Moja glava je stalno izgubljena u oblacima i mislim da niko, pa cak ni ja, ne moze da razume zasto se ovako osecam. A sada dodajte onaj ‘odvratni’ “Somebody to love “ osecaj i dobicete kako se ja osecam vec nedelju ili dve. Ironicno da mi je horoskop predvideo nedelju punu emocija, izgleda da su ovaj put stvarno pogodili! U svakom slucaju, nadam se da ce moja ‘osecanja’ nestati i da cu imati neku drugu temu na pameti da pisem, jer mi ovaj naporni oseca,j koji ne mogu da opisem, ne da mira. Osecam kao da patim od ljubavi, ali nisam zaljubljena, ni sama ne znam xD

Ove nedelje nisam imala mnogo interesantinh trenutaka is kola ubija moju kreativnost, ali me je Milica usrecila juce sa crtezom jednog od mojih idola (Freddie Mercury). Zar ne lice? :D

Jedite kolace,
Nevena Nikolic

среда, 30. новембар 2011.

Now I'm here!

After a long time thinking about making a blog, I decided to do that (influenced by http://aleksa-maric-belgrade.blogspot.com)

Although I'm happy I made blog, I have nothing smart to post today, so I'll just upload photo of  'Laduree' cause I want to eat something sweet

I really hope someone will read things I'll post here, I promise that I'll post some good stuff if you let me entertain you ;)

Eat cakes,