уторак, 17. јануар 2012.

You don't fool me

Pazi sta zelis, pazi sta zelis i pazi sta zelis! Tri najvaznija pravila koja uvek zaboravimo kada vidimo zvezdu padalicu ili naidjemo na detelinu sa 4 lista. Zasto uvek zelimo nesto sto znamo da ne bismo smeli? Zar smo toliko glupi da ne znamo sta treba da uradimo?

недеља, 08. јануар 2012.

Why so far away?

I don’t know how my obsessions starts, but this one is with me since I know about myself, for sure- I want to live in London! And no, rain is not a problem for me, and I love beautiful red double-deckers and everything I want to see is there.
My favourite group is from London (Queen), my favourite football club plays there (Chelsea), and I won’t even talk about monuments! Is there anything that is not cool in London?
I’m sure that it is probably not as I think it is, but until I don’t see it with my own eyes I won’t believe in these stories that can ruined my impression of the city, because there is where my future home is.